Kalyan & Sangeetha’s Residence

Kalyan & Sangeetha’s Residence

Project : Kalyaan & Sangeetha
Location : Brigade Exotica, Budigere, Bangalore
Size : 3800 Sft.


Kalyan and Sangeeta’s home is one rooted in Indian tradition and yet very modern and sophisticated in their way of life. A Home of a family where four generations come together to celebrate life and happiness. A home symbolic of modernism and progress but imbibed in culture and values.

Contemporary House

All the family members were involved right from the conceptualising stage. Their life stories of challenges, achievements and memories gave us the all the input required to design their dream house resonating with emotions and feelings of each family member.

The design of the home not only represents good aesthetics, but also reflects everybody’s personal liking and emotions. Living room boasts of space and openness where the entire family can spend time together. It has a stone temple and large God idols that they wanted in their home.

The duskiness of the wood and snowiness of the white walls are balancing each other well where a deep fuschia sofa is the highlight of the master bedroom. The use of the neutral pallets elevated the amplified coffered ceiling and wall engraving. An example of a perfect modern luxury.

Their daughter’s room is spruced up with baby pink polka dots wallpaper symbolising friendship, inner-peace and harmony. Theirs a cosmic library infused to take care of her growing needs and interests.

Playfully quaint effect is maintained in their daughter’s room through the white and black murals and wooden study in sync with the pink colour on the walls alongside.

The mother’s room has an ethereal combination of amicable greenish grey, white, beige and shades of tan. To fit in her super-colossal collection of sarees, an elongated cupboard having greenish grey colour contrasts well with the shade of chestnut along the gold handles and knobs upraising the elegance.

This bedroom of granny is not just a room but a perfect combo of Indian heritage and the modern solids and prints she always admires bridging the gap between her olden days and modern trends. The sober interiors are escalated by wooden flooring and heritage print on the wall.

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The bedroom amuses oneself with the solids and prints on the scrim. While floral prints rejuvenate the Indian legacy, solids bring the evergreen love making a perfect pair.