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Cool Beneath The Ferns

Cool Beneath The Ferns

Project : Cool Beneath The Ferns
Location : Altair Apartment, Bellandur, Bangalore.                    Client’s Name: Smita & Sarvesh
Size : 1750 Sft.

living room interior design

Phase I renovation overwhelmed the entire family and they unanimously decided to facelift the entire house.

The discussions and interactions with the family let out  their desire to have a modern and classic vibe in their home depicting personal liking and personalities of each and every member.

We thus designed a charming home for them, setting a classic example of simplicity !!

“The tranquilizing pastels
Led the way to her conscious rustic
Underlining her soft- shade love
Illuminating the entire panorama”

bedroom interior design, bed interior design

What’s your dream room description??

A room with luxury or comfort or an elegant room decorated with unique elements or a one which is close to nature and serene ??

Think & Think !

 But what if you get all these in just one chamber..It will be like a dream come true isn’t it ??

Start Imagining, and sync with the results below !!

bedroom interior design, bed interiore
“Luxury with comfort - Ah! It takes my breath away.”
bedroom design styles
bedroom interior design

“Premium heritage print tiles – elegantly decorative”

bedroom design styles
Wardrobe Interior design
“Stylish and graceful at the same time”   
mirror paneling
"Mirrored wardrobe and Brushed gold lights are just so modern and chic "
bedroom interior design
"Striped patterned wall makes this room so neutral and pleasant ! A place to spend hours together! Isn’t it ?"
bedroom design styles
bedroom interior design

                                                                   Muted green cupboards with gold handles are just wow !!

Round Dining table
Round Dining table
“A beautiful living room setup connecting well with nature and natural beauty "
Round Dining table
minimalistic living room
“A beautiful living room setup connecting well with nature and natural beauty "
Beautiful home interior

“One of the most charming homes I have created so far….. Everything in this home looks insanely charming and unpretentious” ~ Swati Seraan.

Read What Smita & Sarvesh Says !

Smita Deshmukh,

“We started with remodeling of our kitchen and media room in 2019. Apart from budget, the key for us was to find someone that could bring in a refreshing change to our tiny home. After researching and interviewing various interior designers, we met Swati whom I knew from a previous workshop that we had attended together. On checking her website, we fell in love with the way each project looked so different from one another and the versatility in each one of them.

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