Rain Splashed Earth

Area : 4000 Sft.
Location : Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Varthur, Bangalore.
Client’s Name : Rahul & Sarita
Project Story :A special and exceptional project having an unique story to convey with all its surprise elements.
Moodboards led our path towards welcoming the rustic and vintage elements. The clients were so involved and positive in approach to their belief and a simple brief on the desire to have a modern and creative house.

Cool Beneath The Ferns

Area : 1750 Sft.
Location : Altair Apartment, Bellandur, Bangalore.
Client’s Name : Smita & Sarvesh
Project Story : Phase I renovation overwhelmed the entire family and they unanimously decided to facelift the entire house.
The discussions and interactions with the family let out their desire to have a modern and classic vibe in their home depicting personal liking and personalities of each and every member.

Through Teak Doors

Area : 3800 Sft.
Location : Brigade Exotica, Budigere, Bangalore.
Client’s Name : Kalyan & Sangeetha
Project Story : It’s a home of a family that’s rooted in Indian tradition and yet very modern and sophisticated in their way of life. A Home of a family where 4 generations come together to celebrate life and happiness.

Daydreams in Blue

Area: 2500 Sft.
Location : Living walls, Banaswadi, Bangalore
Client’s Name: Reena & Jo
Project Story : Reena and Jo wanted a not so typical modern home but a home different and unique in all possible ways as they were Inspired by our work. We decided to bring in the vintage elements in their modern home.



About Swati Seraan

Best Interior designer in Bangalore

Swati Seraan loves the woods and the country-side. And this is reflected in the design ethos of her brand By The Riverside.

As a child, Swati was inclined to doing up homes. In fact, very early in life, she wanted to be an architect, but chose to pursue a career in computer technology. After 14 years of exploring the corporate side of computer technology, she decided it was time to finally follow her heart. This was in the year 2014.

Swati believes in being close to nature and having the essence all around, this is what inspires her for being so perfect in the extraordinary work she does in the section of bespoke designing and furnishing..


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